Best Ghana Betting Sites

Find reviews of the best online sports betting sites in Ghana

Are you looking for online sports betting companies in Ghana? We list and review them so that you can find out all the information you need, before you register with them. Our reviews have details about how to register, deposit, bet and withdraw from them, plus the sports, products and markets they offer. We want to make it easy and simple for you to find the latest information about Ghana sports betting companies. We also list the promotions that these bookmakers are running each day so that you can find it all in one place.

Ghana Bookmakers

There are a host of top Ghana bookmakers and live betting sites and as with any industry there are a variety of established platforms that are currently on the market.

The list of Ghana bookmakers vary from the top-notch to the average and a complete list is always a necessary tool for punters when entering the field.

Key things to look out for before selecting a betting site

The advent of sports betting means a lot of betting companies have sprung up in recent years. However, the best betting sites have many things in common.

The sports betting industry is still growing and there is still a lot that can be improved. The competition among the various betting companies, though, has helped to raise the quality of services provided to punters.

Almost every betting site is now investing massively in online, television and radio adverts to increase their patronage. To this end, some betting companies employ all sorts of gimmicks to entice customers.

As a punter, there is the need to think carefully before selecting any particular betting site. It is not a decision that should be rushed, as there are some factors you must consider first.

Below are some key things that every punter must look out for before selecting a Ghana betting sites:

Legality of the betting site

The most important thing a punter must look out for is the legality of a betting site before signing up. This is because you don’t want to risk throwing your money away.

You must do your checks to confirm if the betting company is duly registered and licensed by the Gaming Commission to operate in the country.


Aside from making sure that the betting site if duly licensed to operate, a punter must also look out for the reliability of the betting company.

In the past, we’ve seen some high-profile betting companies go bust despite starting on a good note. An example is Safarbet which folded two years ago after failing to pay up customers who had won huge monies. As a punter, you do not want to place your bet with a betting company that is not in good standing.

Cash-out feature

A very good betting site must have the cash-out feature and no punter must compromise on this. The cash-out feature allows a better to cut his or her losses before all the games of a bet are completed.

Betting is a risky venture and there’s the need to measure these risks. The only to do that is to use the cash-out option.

Live betting

Betting companies owe their customers the duty to invest in their websites and apps by acquiring the needed technology to see them through busy times. That is why the live betting option is very important.

As a punter, you’d like to place a bet when major sporting events are in play but only the top betting sites offer odds for games or races that have already started. These odd may be slightly lower, but the live betting option is something that could come in handy for every punter.

Deposit bonuses

Offering deposit bonuses has become synonymous with almost all betting companies. These bonuses, however, vary from site to site.

There are some sites that give bonuses when you sign up and make a deposit, while others double your first deposit upon signing up. As a punter, you should be looking out for the best deals possible in terms of bonuses offered by betting sites.

Betting guides

Another very important thing to look out for when selecting a betting site is the tipping guide. Some sites offer expert tips on matches and races whiles others don’t.

To place the best bets, one sometimes needs to assess the statistics and form guides and the sites that provide this information help the punter in this regard.

Betting companies in Ghana

Online sports betting in Ghana has been growing at a rapid pace for a few years now. Initially there were only a few Ghana betting sites, and most of these focused on the retail betting market – which is still vitally important. However over the recent past, more and more international betting companies are entering the Ghana market and offering excellent, online only sports betting. These include Betway, 22Bet, Melbet etc. Betpawa have also launched and are offering a simple, but brilliant betting product.

Betpawa GH

Betpawa is one of the most popular betting sites in Ghana. They have a very simple interface, are mobile first, offer sports, virtuals, jackpots (including the free pawa6), and casino games.

Betway GH

Betway have been the number 1 betting site in Ghana for years. They have an excellent product, offering the full range of betting games, great customer service and a great sign up bonus.

Supabets Ghana

Supabets are another Ghana betting site that have been operating in the country for years and years. They have a decent retail footprint, but their website needs to be upgraded to complete with the likes of Betpawa and Betway.

Melbet Ghana

Melbet are a recent betting site that has opened up in Ghana and they have a decent offering. You can find a decent sign up bonus and jackpot as well.

22bet Ghana

22Bet first launched in Kenya, and are now in Ghana. They have a good mobile site, nice breadth of sports available and a great sign up bonus.

Betplanet Ghana

Betplanet, along with 22Bet and Melbet, have just launched in the Ghana market. They have some great promotions, offer casino, live casino, sports and virtuals. )

Premierbet Ghana

Premierbet are another of the African brands, that have operations in multiple countries, Ghana being one of them. Premierbet Ghana offers sports, lottery betting (5/90), virtuals and a jackpot called the Premier6.


Mybet.Africa has been around for ages. They recently updated their website and it now looks and functions much better than previously. 

Powerbets Ghana

Powerbets launched in 2019 and are a betting site run by the guys from Opera Mini. The site is decent, and a good mobile experience.

Sportybet GH

Sportybet are a popular Ghana betting site and they offer sports, casino and lotto betting. They also have a decent jackpot and lots of promotions which change weekly. Their Sportybet GH App is very popular as well. )

about online betting in Ghana

Ghana passed the Lotto and Betting Act 94 in 1960, just three years after the country gained independence from Britain. The Act allowed for national lotteries to be set up, in the hope of raising funds for the country’s development. Nearly fifty years later, in 2006, the country passed the National Lotto Act 722 and the Gaming Act 721. They also appointed the National Lottery Authority to regulate, monitor and supervise lotteries which are still legal, and very popular today.

The Gaming Act 721 permitted the four land-based casinos to operate legally, as well the creation of online betting sites in Ghana, provided they adhere to regulation from the Gaming Commission of Ghana (GCG) who are responsible for issuing licenses to all gaming operators and permits to companies and individuals that wish run promotions with elements of game of chance.

Sports betting is very popular, especially European and English football among the younger generation. An increase in internet access and the availability of mobile phones has expanded the market in the last decade and bought gambling to ordinary Ghanaians, who are now able to place online, and not have to visit a physical sports betting shop.

There are more than 20 local Ghana Betting companies operating the market plus hundreds international names pushing to get a stronghold of this growing market. Below is a list of the top 20 online sites, listed alphabetically.

Best Betting sites in Ghana

So which are the best betting sites in Ghana to join and play on? It really depends on what you value on a Ghana betting site. Some users like big jackpots, others like retail shops, some value customer service above all else.
For the most frequent, and largest jackpots in Ghana, there are 2 options. 1 is Betway Ghana and the second is Powerbets Ghana. They both have jackpots happening daily with various number of matches and various bonuses.
Supabets Ghana has plenty of retail outlets and these are useful for cash out or if you have any issues with contacting them and want an issue resolved.
For the best mobile site experience and top notch customer service, Betway Ghana really seems to be the best betting site in Ghana at the moment.