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The African betting industry is growing at a rapid pace and nowadays, we have African bookmakers who are offering their services in a number of African countries, and one such bookmaker is Sportybet. Sportybet is an African bookmaker which operates in several African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia amongst others. The bookmaker operates legally in Zambia as it is licensed by the Lottery and Betting Control Board in Zambia. One of the reasons why Sportybet is popular is because the bookmaker offers its punters with so much more in terms of betting products, you can expect to bet on Sports, Live Betting, Instant Virtuals, Scheduled Virtuals, Jackpot and so much more. The bookmaker also has a livescore feature which allows punters to see the current scores in matches and this is particularly important when it comes to live betting, which is also something you have access to if you bet with Sportybet. See our Sportybet Zambia Login Guide.

How to register with Sportybet Zambia?

You are required to register for a free Sportybet betting account, this should not come as a surprise as it has become standard proceedure with almost al bookmakers. In order for you to register, you must;

Visit the official Sportybet website at

Click on the red  ‘register’ button

Fill in the pop-up registration form with your

Mobile Number (you can only be registered through an Airtel or MTN number)


Click on the ‘Create Account’ button to complete the registration process.

You will immediately recieve a 6-digit code to verify your identity.

How to deposit funds into your Sportybet Zambia account?

A Sportybet betting account has to be adequately funded before we can talk about betting successfully on the platform, to make a deposit, you must;

Visit the Sportybet website at

Select the Payment Method you wish to use

Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your account in the given text fields

Click on the “Top Up Now” button

You will be prompted to follow instructions on your mobile phone to complete the transaction. If it is successful, the money will be credited to your account

You will have successfully funded your SportyBet account!

How to withdraw funds from your Sportybet account?

The Sportybet withdrawal process is very simple, in order for you to withdraw your winnings, you must follow the simple instructions below;

Visit the official Sportybet website at

Login using your account details

Simply go to “My Account(Me)” 

Click on the “Withdraw” button 

Enter the desirable amount to withdraw and click on “Withdraw”. 

Your winnings will be immediately sent to your Mobile Money account after your confirmation.

Please note that all withdrawals are free of charge.

Which sports are available on Sportybet?

At the moment, Sportybet is offering 11 real sporting disciplines on its platform and the sports offered here are some of the most popular sports in the world. What is more important is that punters have access to a host of leagues, tournaments and events for all the sports on the platform. Below is a list of all the sports on the platform;

Soccer Basketball Futsal

Tennis Table Tennis Badminton

Volleyball Handball Ice Hockey

Rugby Cricket

Which Virtual games are available on the Sportybet platform?

The Virtual Sports on the Sportybet platform are categories into two categories which are namely ‘Instant Virtuals’ and Scheduled Virtuals’ and these can all be accessed on the main menu. 

Instant Virtuals

‘Instant Virtuals’ features exciting soccer games namely;

England League

Germany League

Italy League

Spain League

Scheduled Virtuals

 ‘Scheduled Virtuals’ features diverse games. Below is a list of the ‘Scheduled Virtuals’ on the Sportybet platform;

League (England League, Germany League, Nigeria League, Turkey League, Italy League, France League)

Greyhounds (London Stadium)

Horses ( Carlifonia Park)

Speedway (Gorton Stadium)

Motorbikes (Hamamatsu Circuit)

Which Esports games are available on the Sportybet platform?

Sportybet are moving with the times and they are doing so by offering a betting product which has taken the world by storm, Esports betting. The bookmaker offers Esports betting as it is a hugely popular product amongst punters so it will draw more customers to bet with Sportybet. Sportybet currently offers three Esport games but the three are some of the top Esport games at the moment. The Esports games on the Sportybet platform are;


Dota 2.

League of Legends

Sportybet Zambia

The Sportybet website has an appealing user interface which uses a beautiful green and red clour scheme with a white background. The website uses a distinct layout which is quite different from other websites because most betting sites use a three column layout but the Sportybet platform is unique to them. The website has several links to the most important pages on the main and top menus so that punters can easily locate whatever they are looking for at a click of a button. The  Sportybet website has a great loading speed and this is crucial for a bookmaker because punters do not want to be delayed when they are betting.

The Sроrtybet bookmaker hаs аn орtimizеd mоbilе sitе which рrоvidеs аll thе sеrviсеs аnd fеаturеs аvаilаblе оn thе wеbsitе so that punters can easily bet on the go. Thе bookmaker also has an Android Aрр which is аvаilаblе fоr dоwnlоаd оn thеir wеbsitе. 

Sportybet Customer Care

Sportybet has a decent customer care service, it is decent because there is not much communication methods on this platform. You can reach out to the SportyBet customer service via:

Live Chat

Telephone: 0964593703