Betpawa Cameroon Pick 17 Jackpot

Jackpots or pools are getting increasingly popular and several bookmakers are offering them because they know that punters enjoy betting on these pools. What makes jackpots extremely popular is the fact that there is a huge possibility of winning life changing amounts for just a small stake, whilst you may be making only a few bucks with regular sports bets for individual games, you can potentially greater amounts of money playing a soccer jackpot. 

What is a Soccer Jackpot?

A soccer jackpot is a collection of games set by the bookmaker and the punter has to correctly predict the outcomes of those matches in order to win the Jackpot prize. It is important to note that the bookmaker is responsible for selecting the matches that form part of the jackpot and the punter cannot add or remove any fixture from that list, the duty of a punter is to make a prediction only. The matches that form part of a jackpot are sourced from various leagues around the world and the bookmaker decides which leagues to focus on. When betting on a jackpot, you do not have the luxury of selecting your preffered markets but there are particular markets you will be expected to bet on, the most popular jackpot market is the 1X2 market where you will be betting on either a Home Win, Draw or Away Win, another market which is also used in jackpot predictions is the correct score market.

When betting on a jackpot, all the stakes from participants will be put together and that money will be the money to be won. It is important to note that jackpot prizes may vary in size from jackpot to jackpot depending on the number of participants in a particular jackpot draw. The jackpot will be paid out as a dividend. This means that if there is more than one winner, then the jackpot amount will be split between them. It’s also worth noting that bookmakers will keep a percentage of their incomings and roll them over to the next jackpot if a winner has been found. To win a jackpot, you must get all your predictions right, however there usually are consolation prizes for those who narrowly miss the jackpot.

What is Betpawa Cameroon Pick 17 

Pick 17 is a pool betting product from Betpawa Cameroon where you are supposed to correctly predict the outcome of a total of 17 soccer matches which are pre-selected for you by Betpawa. It is important for you to realise that you will only be responsible for the prediction of matches , but the matches will be selected for you from a number of leagues by the bookmaker. When playing the Pick 17 jackpot from Betpawa, you will be placing bets into the pool for a chance to win the jackpot prizes, which they can either win alone or share with other winners.

The ultimate goal of playing the Pick 17 is to win the jackpot by correctly predicting all 17 matches, but if you fail to get all the 17 predictions correct by losing from one up to four fixtures, you will definitely get a consolation prize. When playing the Betpawa Pick 17 jackpot, the total amount of money staked by punters will be placed into the jackpot and winning players will share the relevant jackpot prize, if there is no winner, the prize will be rolled over to the next jackpot where the prize will even be bigger. 

When you are making predictions for the Pick 17 jackpot, you can either do it manually by selecting yourself or you can make use of the ‘lucky Dip’ option where a computer can decide the outcome on your behalf, it is very important for us to point out that none of these methods is more advantageous than the other. The Betpawa Pick 17 jackpot uses the 1X2 mrket which means that you are expected to predict the outcome of all 17 matches on either a Home Win, Draw or Away Win. All match settlements are based on the result at the end of regular time. This includes any added stoppage time but does not include extra time and penalty shoot-out. Please note that all winnings will be paid out shortly after the last match on the ticket has finished and all results have been confirmed.

The Betpawa Pick 17 jackpot is quite affordable as it costs only 25 XAF, It is important to note that you may make one or more selections of alternative results but that will increase the cost of the entry. For example – if two selections are picked in two matches and one result in all other matches then this multi selection ticket will cost 100 XAF (in case of a 25 XAF stake) If two selections are picked in three matches and one result in all other matches then the entry fee will be 200 XAF.

To win the Betpawa Pick 17 jackpot, you must correctly predict the outcomes for all 17 matches. All is not lost if you fail to win the jackpot because there are consolation prizes for getting 16, 15, 14, and 13 predictions correctly. 

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