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Ngenge Sport Congo is one of the numerous DRC betting sites that’s open to all Congolese players. Other ones include: 10bet DRC, Sportpesa DRC and Ngenge Sport CD. Players looking to settle at this gambling house ought to note that they will find a different package as the one offered by most other gambling houses in the country. This necessitated by the fact that the gambling house does not necessarily allow punters to place their bets at the site. Rather, it affords players the opportunity to see all upcoming events that they can place bets on. Armed with this info, they can make their predictions and then proceed to visit brick and mortar Ngenge Sport booths where they can place bets in person. Essentially, this therefore means NgeNge Sport does not accept online bets.

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How to Register Ngenge Sport CD

Ngenge CD is an online gambling house with a difference. This necessitated by the fact that the platform is open to all players – no registration required. Just by visiting the official Ngenge Sport site, players can catch all the upcoming sports events they may place bets on. Players may also generate their online tickets, print them and take them to the brick and mortar booths where they can place wagers in person. Players who may have missed certain events they betted on can easily check the status of their previous ticket by utilising the Check Ticket function. For the convenience of players, the Ngenge Sport Congo site does display all of the brands’ brick and mortar booths so that players can easily locate the ones near them.   

Ngengesport Congo Deposit Options

All punters looking to place bets at Ngenge Sport Congo ought to note that they can only do so at the physical Ngenge Sport booths. Cash therefore is the only supported deposit option at this gambling house.  

Gambling Products on Offer

Ngenge Sport Congo (www.ngenge prides itself in offering a great selection of gambling products. As the primary focus of this gambling house is to offer sports betting services, players will realise that the dominant product offered are sports betting products. A wide variety of sports are supported which range from football, baseball, basketball, tennis to cricket and rugby among many others. Punters who love backing horses and greyhounds ought to note that they can do so when they settle at any of the Ngenge Sport betting booths spread across the country.

Ngenge Sport Congo Bonus and Promotional Perks

Every now and then, Ngenge Sport CD (www ngenge cd) does run some in-house sports betting promotions. In order to know the currently running promotions, players will need to visit the official site online or visit any of the company’s physical betting booths.    

Ngenge Sport CD

Ngenge Sport Congo is one of the numerous gambling houses that accept bets from Congolese players. However, it’s important to note that bets are only accepted in-person. This in essence means punters will have to visit the physical Ngenge Sport booths to place their bets. While this is the case, players can make use of the Ngenge Sport official site to download printed offers that showcase all the upcoming sports events together with their odds. Players may also make use of the official site to check the status of their past tickets – that is, to check if their past tickets won or lose.