Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world because everywhere you go, people of all ages are always following soccer either on an amateur level or professional level. One of the main reasons why this sport is so popular is because soccer is decentralised, what this means is that soccer is played globally instead of just in one region, other factors like its low cost to play and simplicity, significantly contributing to making it even more popular.
Due to the fact that people like soccer so much, they also like to be updated with soccer related information in terms of general soccer news, transfer news, logs amongst other things. This has led to the mushrooming of several sports news websites which constantly updates soccer fans with news and other soccer related material, the problem however is that nowadays internet is highly accessible and anyone can create their news website and in a bid to get more traffic, they may start posting fake news, so there is need for you to use reliable and credible sports website like BBC, ESPN, Sky Sports amongst others.
The aforementioned news sites are quite reliable and extremely useful when it comes to European leagues, the only problem with them is that they do not cover African soccer for example DRC, there is then a need to identify local news sites which will keep you updated in terms of the local soccer news. There is quite a number of soccer news websites including is a site of the RDC Web Media Group entirely dedicated to football news of the DR Congo. RDC Group Web Media SARL. FootRDC is sponsored by Ngengesport, which is a DRC betting site, you will notice that there is a Ngengesport banner on the homepage and this might be part of the sponsorship deal.
This news company gives you all the football news from the DRC and the rest of the world, the website has got six categories which appear on the main menu namely:
This section represents the homepage which features all the menu items but if you want a detailed section, you must select the menu individually.
This section brings you the latest news from Linafoot, Leopards and all the clubs in the DRC.
This section brings you the latest news from the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, Premier League and other European leagues.
This section brings you the latest news from the DRC national team news.
This section brings you the updated information of the Linafoot league Table and the latest news in the Linafoot.
The website has a great feature whereby you get to choose the language of choice and the languages which are available on this site are English and Francais, the good thing about a multilingual website is that they reach a wider audience which ultimately means more customers.
Besides the website, people can also get in touch with FootRDC on their social media platforms where they also post their material namely Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, below are the social media handles;
You can contact FootRDC on the following contact details;
Writing: +243 859 212 056
Direction: +243 810 031 007
Marketing: +243 977 017 606

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