Premierbet CM 5/90 

Premierbet, which is a popular bookmaker which operates in several African countries has its very own lottery draw game called the Premierbet 5/90. The Premierbet 5/90 game was launched in the year 2019 and has been well received ever since it was launched and one of the reasons why people love to play Premierbet 5/90 is because it is quite an easy game to play. This draw game offers punters with several opportunities to win because there is a total of 4 draws daily. Please note that this game is available in several countries where Premierbet operates from.

How to play Premierbet 5/90?

Playing the Premierbet 5/90 draw game is quite easy, the game uses the matrix 5/90 which means that when playing the lotto, you must choose either 2,3,4 or 5 numbers between the number range of 1 and 90.  If 1 or more numbers are draw you will win yourself money. Please note that the more numbers you match in the draw, the more you will win. If you choose 5 numbers and all the numbers are drawn, you can win 100,000 times your bet, making Premierbet 5/90 a very lucrative draw game. Below are the step by step instructions on how to play the Premierbet 5/90 draw;

Select your preferred draw time or simply play in the next available one.

Choose your Game Type by using the drop-down menu

Select your numbers or press the “Quick Pick” option .

Select the number of draws you wish to play in.

Select the stake you wish to pay per line.

Press the PLAY NOW button and we’ll enter your numbers in your chosen draws.

Check to see if you’ve won in the “My Bets” section or check your player account for further details.

When to play the Premierbet 5/90 game?

Premierbet offers its clients with several opportunities to win because there is a total of 4 draws daily and this automatically means that you will have 28 weekly Premierbet 5/90 draws, to be honest, this is more than enough.

What times are the Premierbet 5/90 games drawn?

Premierbet 5/90 has a total of 4 daily draws which are drawn at 10AM, 1PM, 4PM and 7PM.

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