Sports betting has always been a part of people’s lives for ages as people are always looking for ways to make money. People have always enjoyed watching sports matches, and sports betting has always been a way to make following these matches even more entertaining. Even though sports betting has always been there, the reality is that it has become even more popular in recent years. The main reason why betting has become increasingly popular these days is the fact that people have shifted their focus to betting because they see it as a way of making an honest living.

Inasmuch as most punters think betting is the way out, the reality is that not everyone is successful when it comes to betting and there are some people who are yet to register a single win on their bets since they started. If you are that type of punter who has been betting for some time with little success, it may be because you are going at it yourself and are not making use of prediction sites which will obviously give you a bit of an advantage. 

The honest truth is that betting is not as easy as people think and although the industry is based on luck, you must have a bit of a background of the leagues or teams you are betting on in order for you to be at an advantage. If you cannot do the research yourself, well you can make uses of the services of prediction sites such as PrimaTips which offer predictions and tips which are carefully analysed by expert tipsters.

What is PrimaTips? is a soccer prediction platform which offers punters with a lot of soccer related information about the latest games, statistics, standing and odds data from a variety of online bookmakers and gaming operators. Primatips is a seasoned company which was established over a decade ago in the year 2009, and they operate different brands, websites and data related to football statistics and games. Whilst there is no platform in the world that offers 100% correct predictions, the ones offered by Primatips are very reliable because they collected enormous information of games, odds, and their results and tis enables them to offer better predictions with a high probability of winning.

One of the great things about using the predictions offered by PrimaTips is the fact that these predictions are absolutely free of charge. PrimaTips offers an advanced way of calculating the tips they offer their clients, the calculations made are based on a number of statistics including the current position in table (standing), last 10 matches, head to head games between teams amongst several other statistics. Those statistic are calculated for home/away form and games for the both teams and also overall current form of teams. For each team each criteria has its own weight. And those weights are adjusted after each game. 

Timing is always important when using PrimaTips predictions because you should use them for  championship matches during the second half of the season. Cup or friendly matches has few statistics and the last match played between teams might be a years ago, so the only logical thing will be to use only current form of the teams and this may lead to a bad results.

It is possible for you to still register losses even when you are using a tipster company like PrimaTips, you stll need to be wise when selecting the tips on the PrimaTips platform and not just make random selections. Below are some tips which are useful to make you a regular winner; 

Select games and tips which has sum from probability and coefficient (odd) above 2.00. If system suggests 60% probability, then coefficient should be above 1.50. This will guarantee at least 10% ROI in a long run.

Select tips with at least 55% probability for Standard 1X2 or above 60% for other cases.

Avoid games with similar probabilities for home, draw and away (32%, 33%, 35% – avoid that). There is no guarantee at all for the final result.

Which betting markets are available on the PrimaTips platform?

PrimaTips offers tips and predictions on quite a number of betting market and this is quite exciting since other prediction sites only focuses on either one or just a few betting markets. Below is a list of the betting markets available on the platform;

Standard 1X2

Over/Under 1.5

Over/Under 2.5

Over/Under 3.5

Both Teams to Score

Double Chance

How to get the predictions with PrimaTips?

You can easily get your predictions on the PrimaTips platform by following the simple steps below;

Visit the PrimaTips website at

You will notice the options available to you on the main menu, and these are;






Select any of these and you will get the necessary information that will enable you to make informed betting decisions.

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