Spin and Win Ghana

Spin and Win is an interactive and responsive gaming element that is often used by Ghana betting sites to attract and engage their online audiences. A customised wheel is presented to punters, who then have the opportunity to try their luck by simply spinning it.

The wheel can be split into any number of equal parts and some, or all, of these will include a discount or prize. The game is great for punters as it allows for a whole host of different kinds of spin and win options – from discount codes and free cashback to winning more free spins, getting a buy-one-get-one-free deal or winning actual prizes like a new mobile phone for example. It also is super quick, easy to understand and in some cases, does not entail the exchange of cash.

A cleverly designed wheel will include a certain number of blank or empty parts to the wheel, to help reduce the frequency of a win. It also helps encourage a certain degree of excitement amongst the punters and urges them to spin the wheel more than once.

Spin and Win games are advantageous to a betting company too. Often, punters will be permitted a free spin of the wheel in exchange for personal information such as their email address or mobile number, which goes a long way in boosting subscriptions to a website or helping with marketing. Punters, especially those that reserved or unsure, are sometimes also offered a spin of the wheel in exchange for making deposit.

While the Spin and Wheel gaming element has become incredibly popular in Europe, the UK and America and some countries in Africa, it is still to fully make its mark in the Ghanaian gambling market. This is primarily because the local betting market concentrates mainly on sports-related betting (especially English and European football) and this does not always allow for elements such as a spinning wheel.

As a result, the only websites actively pushing the Spin the Wheel option in Ghana tends to be smaller gambling brands who offer casino-only betting. However, as the access to the internet and ownership of mobile devices becomes more widespread, it is likely that the Spin the Wheel gaming element will become more widely used in Ghana.

Which sites offer Spin and Win?

At the moment it looks like :

Mybet spin and Win

Supabets Spin and Win

MTN ghana spin the wheel

The way this works is you are sent an sms telling you how many spins you have. You reply to the SMS and it spins immediately. You can also subscribe

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