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Cameroon, just like several African countries is a betting-crazy nation as people are always placing their bets hoping that one day they will win life-changing amounts of money. There are several Cameroon betting sites and Supergooal is definitely one of the most popular bookmakers operating in this west African country. Supergooal is a Cameroonian bookmaker which was launched close to a decade ago in the year 2013 which means that they have a wealth of experience in the betting industry. Supergooal offers several betting products on its platform such as sports, live dealer games, virtual games, casino and lottery. What makes Supergooal a great bookmaker is the fact that it has very low minimum stakes and very huge odds which means that you can win huge amounts of money. You will be excited to know that Supergooal offers several promotions for both new and existing clients and this shows a bookmaker with the people at heart. The promotions on this platform are categorised as bonus promotions, special promotions and promotions de casino. Below is a list and explanation of the promotions available on the Supergooal platform

Supergooal Welcome Bonus

You have probably heard about Supergooal and you are wondering if you need to Sign Up with the bookmaker or not, well, this is the right time to Sign Up because Supergooal has a great Welcome Bonus as a form of giving you a warm welcome where you can get a 100% welcome bonus of up to 45 000 XAF.

This is quite a simple and straightforward promotion and in order for you to benefit from this bonus, you need to open a betting account with Supergooal and make your first deposit of a minimum amount of XAF 600. Get 100% bonus on your first deposit up to 45,000 XAF.

Supergoal may limit or refuse to allow customers to participate in this or any other offer.

Supergooal Super Tuesday Bonus

Who said Tuedays are boring? well, Tuesdays have been made fun by Supergooal because of the Super Tuesday Bonus where you can see yourself getting big surprises every Tuesday of the week. Each and very Tuesday, you need to log into your account at 1pm and see if this Super Tuesday has brought you a fantastic bonus.

Supergooal Cashback

Who doesn’t like to get some cashback on their betting activities, probably noone, well, the Supergooal Cashback promotion is giving you an opportunity to get up to 100 times your money if only one match on your multiple bet loses. In order for you to particitate in this promotion, you must take a multiple bet on 2 or more matches and if only one match or event loses, you are eligible for a cash-back offer. Please note that the cashback you will receive depends on the odds on your multiple bet, so if you want to have a bigger cashback, your bet must have bigger odds. The information below shows how much you can get for a certan number of odds;

Cashback Odds

1x  Cash Back Odds 34+

2x  Cash Back Odds 104+

10x  Cash Back 504+ Odds

20x   Cash Back Odds 1004+

50x  Cash Back 2004+ Odds

Supergooal National Raffle

The FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar is upon us and many are expecting nothing but a great tournament. What is making this tournament more exciting in Cameroon is the fact that the indomitable lions of Cameroon led by Song will be participation at this major event. Supergooal has an exciting National Raffle promotion which is based on the FIFA World Cup where you can be one of the four lucky people to win a Supergooal car. 

Please note that this promotion is currently running and it will end on the 31st of December 2022 after the completion of the FIFA World Cup. Please note that this competition is constituted in Cameroon’s four super regions namely Far North + North + Adamawa, Coastline + West + South-West, South + East as well as Central + North-West, there is one car to be won in each of these four super regions.

This promotion comes in four stages and please note that each participant can play several times in the same period, and even in all the aforementioned periods. below are the four stages for this promotion;

The first period (1 September to November 19, 2022)

The participant in the Supergooal Raffle must predict the winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup on a ticket, with a minimum bet of 1,000 FCFA.

The second period (20 November to 02 December 2022)

The participant in the Supergooal Raffle must predict the winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup on a ticket, with a minimum bet of 2,000 FCFA.

The third period (From 03 to 06 December 2022)

The participant in the Supergooal Raffle must predict the winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup on a ticket, with a minimum bet of 3,000 FCFA.

The fourth period (From 07 to 10 December 2022)

The participant in the Supergooal Raffle must predict the winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup on a ticket, with a minimum bet of 5,000 FCFA.

Supergooal Free Spin

Get yourself free spins with the Supergooal promotion which is for newly registered clients. What happens is that at the time of registration, a new customer will receives 50 spin on a bet of 40 XAF. If you use your free spins and win, your spin winnings must be invested 40 times in the same game to make money, what it basically means is that there is a x40 rollover.

The roller progression is expressed as a percentage, and the player can follow it in real time on the ‘coin’ on the side. If he fills a rollover, the money he has in his account at that time – goes to his cashier, but up to a maximum of 4,000 XAF. This means that no more than 4,000 XAF can be transferred to the cache. If he has 1,000 XAF – he has earned 1,000, if he has won a million – he has 4,000 and the difference is lost.

Supergooal Casino Party

The Supergooal Casino Party is a very simple and straightforward promotion which offers you free spins to play. In order for you to play at least 30,000 CFA and win free spins every week, you can start playing now to get a chance of winning when you spin.

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